Cyber Operator: “Security Article Review”

  1. Trusted Kernel Rootkit Detection for Cybersecurity of VMs Based on Machine Learning and Memory Forensic Analysis*
  2. Adversarial Malware Detection: Lessons Learned from PDF-based Attacks
  3. Distributed Denial of Service Attacks – TCP Syn Flooding Attack Mitigation.
  4. Article Summary: Intelligent OS X malware threat detection with code inspection
  5. Article Summary: A Kernel Rootkit Detection Approach Based on Virtualization and Machine Learning
  6. Article Summary: Tcp Syn Flood Attack Detection and Prevention System using Adaptive Thresholding Method
  7. Article Summary: Detecting and Preventing Kernel Rootkit Attacks with Bus Snooping
  8. Article Summary: A Method for Windows Malware Detection Based on Deep Learning